A change of pace – let’s talk politics for the day

May 21 2016

It is a grey morning as I walked to the corner café for my Saturday dose of caffeine and the papers.

We are in the middle of an election which should have been about the future versus the past, but somehow or other; the major players have confused their lead roles. The protagonist for the future now looks captured by the past and the stodgy representative of Union Ideology is showing more appetite for the future.

To the Editor – Sydney Morning Herald

Peter Hatcher’s (The 28 words that brought Turnbull back to earth SMH 21 May 2016) sadly sums up the feelings of many of us, who perhaps mistakenly; viewed the elevation of Malcolm Turnbull to Prime Minister as the “ice breaker” to cut through the stultifying legacy of the Howard Years and the poisonous climate of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd/ Abbott periods.

We had a chance of a leader with a command of fiscal responsibility, a social conscience and a vision for Australia beyond the “old dig it up and sell it mentality”

Turnbull was meant to be a person with enough political capital to use his beliefs on climate change, the republic, gay marriage, technical innovation, racial tolerance etc to bring a reluctant Australia into the 21st Century, both socially and economically.

To say he has failed to live up to his promise is an understatement; he has failed on not one; but all of the above! We are left with an empty man who has sold his soul to the troglodytes in the blind pursuit of power.

Bill Shorten may well have changed his allegiances in the pursuit of a better result for Labor over the term of the previous Government, and; he is caught in the dilemma of pragmatism over conscience with regard to refugees, but; fundamentally, his core values remain intact.

He may be dull and even boring, but at least we know what he stands for. The same, sadly; cannot be said for the “Great White Hope”


I sent copies of the letter to the usual coterie of indulgent friends on both sides of the political divide; I will no doubt get emails of support from the expected quarters and derision from the others

It is so much fun having friends from the various far corners of political ideology!!



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