A letter to the Editor, Sydney Morning Herald- OMG; I am in a ranting mood this morning!

Neither I, nor my Doctors; expected me to be here for this election, but; due to excellent care and good fortune, my decline has slowed.

If, three years ago; I had dared to dream about this election, I could not have hoped for a better scenario.

Abbott and his divisive, bitter and antediluvian policies gone, and the Liberal Party now lead; by a pragmatic, economic realist with a strong environmental and social conscience.

At the time, I would not have believed, if that dream had been realized; that I would now feel the sense of lost hope, frustration and bitterness many of us share with the Government led by Malcolm Turnbull.

What are we faced with?

A Turnbull led government, returned with a much reduced majority and the Troglodytes; muzzled during this election, in a stronger position than ever. They will be able to push their climate denial, homophobic rants and xenophobia with “Malcolm in the Middle” even more beholden to them, as he clings to power.

The cost of a lost conscience and lost opportunity will continue to haunt this country, as we face what promises to be; a bitter and hate filled plebiscite on gay Marriage, a weakened policy on the big environmental questions, quality education only for the privileged, and; the quest for a better solution to refugees, continuing to be bogged down in ugly, nationalistic fervor.

There is only one Moral in this story: “be careful of what you dream


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