A daughter in pain – the love of far distant parents

Hi Darling

I got a message from Wally at 6.00 am our time this morning, saying  you had come through the Operation and had been moved back to the ward.

I hope when you wake up you are feeling better than you have been for the past ten days, even though I know it will take time to settle down.

I am in Melbourne at the moment as you know. Mum and Douglas have cut short their trip to the mountains and came back earlier this afternoon, it was good to see them and especially good to be here with your Mum at a time when we both seem so far away from you.

The taxi driver from the airport last night asked who I was going to stay with here; he looked slightly askance when I told him I was staying my ex-wife and her husband and was even more surprised when I told him they were away.

I got a lot of things wrong as a parent, but the one thing we did get right was the communication and friendship that survived the marriage.

We are both so happy that Kayla is going to fly from Hong Kong to be with you when you get out of hospital in Bristol. both Mum and I wish we could be there to cuddle you but failing that, we are so pleased your little sister will be there.

It is wonderful, in many respects; having adventurous children living in different corners of the world but at times like this we really regret not being close by.

Wally has done a great job of keeping us informed but we both really miss just being able to sit beside your bed, making bad jokes as we try to make you laugh through the pain.

I hope little Otis is coping OK, it must be so hard for a small boy to see his mother in the same hospital his grandmother died in not very long ago.

I guess it won’t be till you come out of hospital, that his fears will be fully allayed; here’s hoping that day is not far off.

I am off to Jasmine and Jorge’s this evening for dinner with them and the kids, I will give your big sister and niece and nephew a big hug from Auntie Annie.

I just got your text message, I understand you are probably not up to taking too much at the moment, I showed the message to Mum and we both just wish we could be there with you.

Love you heaps and heaps darling; call either Mum or I when you are up to it, because of where I am at the moment, you get “two for the price of one” and either of us will pass the message to the other to save you wasting energy.

God we miss you!

Love Dad


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