Religion and hatred – it is time to call the nexus!

It is a cool damp morning in Sydney after a very bleak week. A week, book ended by the shootings in Orlando and the murder of the Labour politician; Jo Cox in England.

My mood was somewhat lifted by an honest and forthright article in the SMH today from Jacqueline Maley.

This was my humble response to this very good piece.

Letter to the editor

Congratulations to Jacqueline Maley for stating the bleeding obvious in today’s Herald (Gay rights could be the weapon to fight Islamic State; SMH 18 June)

The horrific slaughter in Orlando could just as easily have been committed by a radical Christian, as by; a rabid Muslim.

 The hatred for gays on both sides of the extreme religious fence burns fiercely. Her idea of a Venn diagram to match the crossover of these madmen on this issue, would I am sure; illustrate exactly what she surmises.

This was a crime of hate; pure and simple; the more we know, the more obvious this becomes.

Surely it is time, for the moderates in all religious camps to disown hatred in their respective Churches and to isolate and humiliate the hate mongers.

Religions and politicians of all stripes have thrived on the promotion of homophobia for far too long.

This must stop!



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