A letter to the Professor – wise counsel and wonderful support

Dear Professor

Thanks for your time again, this morning

It is now more than eight years, we have been seeing you on a six weekly basis. Some of those visits have been almost euphoric, when things have seemingly stabilised and, some like today; when the news has not been so encouraging.

I have lost count of the number of MRI’s we have done, as well as; the whole host of other tests we have done over this period.

Always, through this time; we have been so grateful for your wise and steady counsel. You have quietly kept our enthusiasm in check when things have been going well, and you have been the rock of support when things turned less rosy.   

Today was not one of our better appointments, but it was not unexpected; I know I am getting less steady on my feet, I know my sense of feeling in the lower legs and arms is diminishing, I know my patience when things do not go as planned is stretched, I know my hand / eye coordination is getting much worse, and; I know my hands don’t do as they are told when I am typing.

It was though; a bit disappointing to find that Billy is correct; my speech is getting less clear and my hearing appears to be deteriorating.

I have spent the last few months telling him he is mumbling and to listen properly when I am talking; thanks for giving him more ammunition LOL

You asked about short term memory loss and mood swings, well; that was even more grist to his mill, I had to sit and listen as he detailed in great depth my recent failings; thanks for nothing Ha Ha

I am pleased we have scheduled the next MRI, before my next appointment.

It may seem odd but I find it slightly comforting to be able to see whether the nasty white gunk in my brain is getting bigger or the pons is getting smaller.

If there is no change, I am deliriously happy, and; if there has been progression, it gives me a reason to recharge and renew the battle.

We seem to do better when we can see what we are fighting!

Thanks again for everything over the past years; it is impossible to find the words to say how much your support has meant to us.





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