Let’s Talk about Bigotry and Hatred

Penny Wong made a speech at the University of Sydney on Monday night about the proposed plebiscite on gay marriage. She was talking about the level of hate mail she receives as a Gay Senator and the risk of this hatred boiling over in the heat of the proposed plebiscite.

Our Treasurer; the “Happy Clappy Christian” Scott Morrison, who is dead against Gay Marriage, then decided to speak publicly about the fact, that he also gets hate mail.

I thought the article in The SMH today deserved a letter

The Editor

I am saddened Scott Morrison has experienced foulness and bigotry because he chooses to be a straitlaced, intolerant follower of his particular religion. (“the same sex question that Turnbull must answer” Mark Kenny SMH June 21)

Gay people do not choose to be gay!

Proud gay people today, are simply brave enough to be honest about how Mr. Morrison’s “God” made them!

When you have been a scared, year 7 student, locked in the confines of a remote Boarding School, and; you are subjected to the taunts, spittle and bullying, of virtually your whole class, simply because someone suspected you were a “F…… Poofter”, then; you may understand loathsome, unabashed bigotry!

When you have been forced to go to church and listen to fire and brimstone sermons about the evils of what “God” made you; then you may understand self-hatred.

When you have survived the above and are then, subjected to vicious innuendo because you have dared to succeed, then; you can talk about the unfairness of malicious gossip.

When you have sat in a Boardroom as a successful man, and are shunned by half the Board, because you dared to face the truth about yourself, then; you can understand just how crippling the feeling of total unworthiness can be.

When you have plunged into the depths of depression, because your honesty did not stop the bigotry, self hatred, or unworthiness, then; you can talk about the effects of years of prejudice.

Many gay people fear this plebiscite will be an invitation for all the hatred they have experienced over the years, to resurface on a national level; fueled by people such as Scott Morrison and his cronies; Bernardi, Christensen, Abetz et al.

Penny Wong understands bigotry, hatred and the damage this can cause. She also understands that when you uncork the bottle of hatred, the ripple effects can cripple the lives of thousands of young people, who are struggling to come to grips with their sexuality.

This plebiscite has been wrong from day one and it continues to be wrong!

Unlike Ireland, there is no requirement for the rights of Gay people to marry, to be decided by a referendum or plebiscite.

John Howard took away the opportunity for gay marriage by an amendment to the Marriage Act forced through Parliament. There is absolutely nothing to stop Parliament righting this wrong with a new amendment.

If it was good enough for John Howard to change the Act, why is it not good enough for the Government of the day, to change it again?

Malcolm Turnbull was the ray of hope; his abject weakness and betrayal will now fill the well of hate.




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