The fog of Brexit, Trump and our looming plebiscite

The world is still reeling over Britain’s decision to exit the European Union. Seemingly, a result driven by a reactionary push to try to restore the old world order.

Donald Trump goes to Scotland and boasts of how this result echoes his own campaign for nationalism and the closing of borders, there was one small problem with this; he was in Scotland which overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU; The Donald has never been too good at Geography!

Here in Australia; Mark Kenny writes in the SMH on Saturday, about a secret move within the coalition to not bind its members to supporting gay marriage even if; the totally fruitless plebiscite says that the majority of Australians are in favor.

One can well ask; what is the point of this costly and divisive diversion??  I sent off a letter to the Herald.’ <>
Dear Sir / Madam

I once read that the reason a well ventilated bathroom, will fog up after the shower is turned off, is because the heat and the movement while it is on, keeps the fog at bay.

What an analogy for the current turmoil in Britain over Brexit, the looming election in Australia and of course, the big one; the coming American election.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump not only share a striking physical resemblance, but also; a stunningly, simplistic gift for generating enormous heat and movement. The only trouble is; that after all their heat and movement, the fog will set in, as it has now done in Britain, and is sure to do in America if Trump is elected. My daughter in England woke up on Saturday morning with foggy confusion as the order of the day.

In Australia, the fog has been held at bay by a tepid Turnbull, but after the election; when the Coalitions’ majority has been substantially reduced, the ugly heads of the reactionaries will reappear and the fog over Climate Change, Gay marriage and a host of other issues, that used to be close to Malcolm’s heart, will thicken.

Already; as the heat and wind of the election campaigns winds down, the mirror is fogging up as Mark Kenny wrote in Saturday’s Herald. His piece was reinforced by the reactionary Eric Abetz’s, comment at the bottom of the same page. When asked, would he vote for gay marriage if the looming plebiscite was successful? he cryptically said; “There are too many hypotheticals at this stage, to lock myself in”

Get ready for the fog folks; remember the crystal clear pledges before the last election in regard to the ABC, Pensions etc.

The Emperor has new clothes, but the ugliness still lurks under the prettier finery.



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