The Election; Vengeance will come!!

Hey Folks

It was great to spend last night with good friends at Steve and Felixes;  I think we all went along expecting to see the Turnbull Government returned with a reduced majority, none of us I am sure, anticipated what was to happen.

I could not sleep when I got home so I decided to have some fun, I hope you enjoy my attempt at humour, see below.:



Tony and Margie were tucked in the back of the car, heading home.

Tony’s rage knew no bounds; his beloved Coalition had just been shredded in the election and now; “Terrible Turnbull” and his supporters would have to pay for their treachery of just nine months ago.

Turnbull and his gang of left wing subversives had ousted Tony in favor of this wealthy dilettante and revenge was now uppermost in Tony’s mind.

Tony was in no doubt, had he still been leader; the results of tonight’s election would have been far different.

Tony had destroyed Gillard, he had demolished Rudd and; he had stopped the boats by turning back the sea!

Killing “Billy Shortarse” would have been child’s play after those biblical feats.

Margie could feel the tension in Tony and she knew what was coming. Part of her wished they lived much farther away so she could put off the inevitable for just a little longer.

She loved Tony but dreaded his intensity when he was in a mood such as this.

Ah well; she knew what she had to do, she would simply lie back and think of England. That wasn’t too bad really; the only part of the PM’s job she had really enjoyed, was when they had gone to visit Her Maj in London.

The car came to a rest and she walked with Tony, up the weedy driveway and into the sanctuary of the home she loved.

Tony took just a second to strip to his Budgie smugglers before stopping in front of the mirror and striking the fearsome pose that he would wear into the next party room meeting. Margie almost felt sorry for Turnbull as she watched Tony go through the ceremonial beheading he had been planning for just this occasion.

At last he came to bed, the rage barely subdued and Margie braced herself for duty.

It was interminable, Tony was a terrier when he was in a mood. Suddenly Margie stiffened, she thought she caught a change in the mantra.

She thought she had heard Tony gasp something about Peta on the down stroke, but she realized she had been wrong.

The words “Fucking Turnbull” were still ferociously, hissing from his frothing, leering mouth. Margie relaxed again and changed her thoughts from Her Maj to Janette, it always helped to have a change of pace at moments like this.

Finally; she made a move to tap Tony on the shoulder.

It had been a very long erection, and now; just as Tony was surging towards his second coming, Margie was suddenly very tired!

Did she really have the energy to go through this, all over again?



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