Post Election – time for a Mexit

We had such high hopes just nine months ago, now it is time for Malcolm to go

To the Editor  

Malcolm Turnbull woke up on Saturday morning with a huge majority and confident of victory.

By the time he went to bed; his majority was in tatters and his Double Dissolution strategy had completely unravelled, allowing Pauline Hanson back onto the political landscape, along with; a number of other strange bedfellows.

This was a man who had promised so much but delivered virtually nothing, to those of us who had greeted his elevation so enthusiastically.

His long held commitments to Gay Marriage and stronger action on Climate Change were jettisoned in order to appease the Neo Cons within the Liberal Party.

His speech on Saturday night was a bitter tirade with not a hint of generosity, humility or compassion for his supporters who had lost their seats.

Whether he can still form a Government is yet to be seen, but even if he does; his grasp on power has been so thoroughly weakened, he can be no more than a naked Emperor; his hubris, hypocrisy and miscalculations exposed for all to see.

We will see the Liberal Party start to tear itself apart, as the moderate supporters become increasingly disenchanted and the mad Right battle to assert their will.

I fear, it is time for a Mexit




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