Conservatism or just plain ignorance and hatred?

In the wake of the election, the usual suspects on the Christian Right of the LNP are emerging as the bastions of what they call “Conservatism”

This is a very broad church of individuals with a range of views; some of which are almost diametrically opposed to each other.

Many of the same people who are fervently opposed to Islam are also ideologically opposed to gay marriage. They seemingly have no appreciation of the irony that in their fierce opposition to recognition of the rights of the gay community; they are most closely aligned with the mad fringes of the very religion they castigate.

Hypocrisies such as these abound in the conservative agenda, and at times; the only thing that seems to unite these people, is a wistful longing for the past. A past; often viewed through rose colored glasses of very different shades.

A letter to the Editor – Sydney Morning Herald

Dear Editor

Can we call it as it is?

According to Jacqueline Maley’s article (Unloved conservatives seeking Mr. Right SMH 7 July) the so called “Conservative” vote hovered between 10% and 18% nationally, after last weekend’s election.

On what basis do these people call themselves Conservative?

Not one of them has espoused a platform for conserving what is left of our natural heritage and environment!

Not one of them has called for the conservation of families rent asunder by war and tyranny!

Almost every one of them has shown sneering disdain for the idea that two people of the same sex could wish to enter into that most conservative of institutions; marriage!

Predominantly; these so called “Conservatives” are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, climate wreckers with no plan to make the world a better place; other than in the image of a mythologized past.

It is time we stopped wrapping their words of hatred and denial in platitudes such as “Conservative”.



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