It has been a tough two weeks

A letter to my Daughters

Hi Kids

Thought I would just catch up after I have been living in a blur for the past two weeks.

It has been wonderful to hear that Annie is back on her feet and finally starting to move around a bit more. Thank God I have never had an operation on my back and I am sorry if at times over the past couple of weeks I have been a bit distant, I hope Annie really enjoyed having Mum over there.

The video of Otis at his sports carnival was terrific and endearing; the poor kid, after destroying the competition in the hurdles race really looked like he did not know what to do after he had won, it was priceless and like any proud old Grumpy I have been showing the video to everyone who could not escape indulging me.

Kayla seems to have really enjoyed her week in Bali, cryptic messages about massages, books and relaxing by the pool certainly stirred up a bit of envy from here, where it has been truly cold with more wet days than dry.

I spoke to Jasmine on Saturday and we had a good laugh that my call broke our “sacred schedule” of Monday evening calls; Jean has been down there looking after the kids this week and the kids seem to have enjoyed having Nan Jean there.

I have been pretty low for the past two weeks, the really cold snap a fortnight ago seems to have totally confused the Central Nervous System and it was like my whole body went into shut down mode.

The physical soreness all over was bad enough but there was not one part of me that seemed to be functioning as it should

I won’t bore you with the gritty details but suffice to say, it feels bloody terrific to again have almost normal excursions to the bathroom, and; to be able to eat something other than the pumpkin soup Billy was good enough to get me, so we could look at it twice!!.

The flu set in after a few days and I am still not sure whether the shutdown was the precursor of the Flu or whether the Flu was just an opportunistic attack as a result of the shutdown.

Either way I am starting to feel a lot better, but I feel like I just have wasted two weeks of my life.

Jassy asked me one night whether I had been to the Doctor and I said I did not see the point; I am already on antibiotics to keep things down under operating without infection, and; the amount of pills I am taking to make sure everything else works as well as it can, does not leave a lot of options for anything new.

There were times when I thought the only use I would have for JB would be for him to sign the Death Certificate and pat Billy on the back LOL

I felt like I really could have just curled up and carked it except that the pain made it all too obvious I was still alive.

I did manage to get angry enough about the election and what was happening in the world to scrawl off a few letters, but that only ended in frustration because the SMH letters Editor seems to have put me in the rubbish basket at the moment.

Ah well, it is great to know you guys are all doing well despite your own adversities and annoyances, it was always good fun to beat Annie and Jassy at “words s with friends” and to get Kayla’s sunny notes from Bali.

Being sick has given me time to think about how lucky I have been to have you guys in my life and, whilst I probably have not been the greatest father on earth; I just thought I should write and tell you how much you all mean to me.

Heaps of love



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