Nice is just awful – Despair seems to be the currency of the world

15 July 2016

Nice is just awful – Despair seems to be the currency of the world

Dear Kids

It was Friday morning here, still Thursday evening or night in France; when the news started to come through about a truck ploughing into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the promenade in Nice.

At first we took it to be an accident and as terrible as that was; it was almost a relief to hear of a simple accident in a France that has recently been the subject of so many horrific acts of terror

Soon though the news changed, and we began to grapple with the fact that a simple truck and a mad zealot had deliberately set out to kill and maim as many people as possible.

Despair set in as we realized the horrific extent of the damage caused by this act, of what appears to be have been a sole fanatic, hell bent on causing grief when there should have been joy.

84 people confirmed dead and over 200 injured the news uttered as I watched on in disbelief as the, by now; familiar story of hatred and fear unfolded.

What drives these grubs to act in such a violent way?

Religion of any sort, has been something I have derided for years; so my understanding of anyone being so driven by their beliefs, to carry out such an act of tyranny and murder in the name of a God or Prophet is completely impossible for me to comprehend.

I cannot understand why the elders of such a religion are not being louder in their condemnation of the atrocities committed in the name of their God.

Despair for where this latest atrocity can take the world is the only feeling I can muster at the moment and despair for the future to be shared by you and your children is not the legacy I would like to leave behind.

We were meant to leave behind a better world, instead we are leaving behind a world driven by jealousy, violence and inequality. I can’t say how dreadfully sad this makes me feel; the world that Horatio, Estelle and Otis will inherit will be a world, bereft of the simple joy of freedom we have taken so much for granted and squandered over the years.

Any sort of violence is anathema to me, but the greed of leaders and their thirst for power has taken the world in a direction where violence is the standard response to any real or imagined wrong.

The lessons of our recent past, the teachings of Gandhi, Mandella and Tutu have been subsumed in an avalanche of hatred from which there appears to be no escape.

I am sorry I did not do more, I don’t know what I could have done, but it is obvious voting, talking about and hoping for a more equitable society has not been enough.

I can only hope the message of love not bitterness, will continue to be the “Raison D’etre” for the family I will soon leave behind.

It is in your hands now; my generation has failed and I am deeply sorry for that.

I have always believed science and truth would prevail over religion;, there are signs this is happening; and there are many green shoots but these green shoots desperately need fertilizing and open minds, if they are not to continue to foster the hatred they have been so effectively to used do via the internet.

With love and hope.




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