The coup in Turkey; Extremism must not be met by extremism

Darlings Jasmine, Annie and Kayla

We are so proud of the three independent and good people we have bred, and at times when distrust and Intolerance seem to be the currency of the world, the joy of family is even more to be treasured.

No sooner had the true horror of Nice become apparent than we were to see the coup in Turkey and the brutal put down of the plotters.

Who knows what the truth is in this situation? there are rumors it was part of a plan by Prime Minister Erdogan to enforce his position with the mad Mullahs who hold sway in the Middle East.

What is clear, is that the separation of Church and State is under threat in Turkey, which to date; has been some sort of bulwark against the encroaching theocracy of the more fanatical side of Islam.

Democracy is definitely under threat and this is incredibly sad and dangerous.

Sad; because the secular freedoms which have been a hallmark of Turkey, for many years are now in danger of being severely eroded to the detriment of the personal freedom of the Turkish people.

Dangerous; because the influence of Turkey within the region and its treatment of the Kurds will inevitably slide into a more ideologically driven prosecution of a religious agenda and a more intense and violent persecution of the Kurdish people.

Hatred. bitterness and ugly confrontation seem to have reached new levels and the shaky possibility of any sort of resolution for the Middle East has now been further eroded.

Who knows what will be the future effects of this disruption? but for now the world has taken a bleaker turn into further extremism.

I don’t know what we can do but I know what we can’t afford to do. We cannot afford to allow bitterness and anger to take over our lives.

The extremists and haters in our midst, need to be ignored and not given a voice to foster further hatred.

We are so privileged to live in a country that has been a beacon of multiculturalism and tolerance. As small a gesture as it may seem to be; the best we can do, is to love and protect the freedoms we have, on many occasions; taken for granted.

The rise of fundamentalism is not just the province of the mad Mullahs and their disciples in the Middle East or within the Islamist faith.

Within Australia we are seeing homegrown hatred and Intolerance being preached by people such as Hanson, Bernardi and their cohorts. Whilst it may seem indulgent; to compare their extremism to the hatred and its resultant suffering in the Middle East, Asia, America and Europe it must always be our role to guard against extremism being met with extremism.

We can be proud of the “broad church” we have built within our family and it is our duty to ensure the basics of tolerance and love are preserved.

It may seem to be a modest aim, but it is at least, something any family can achieve; the potential for change in the world is more likely to be effected by an adherence by all families to these ideals, than it is by any dramatic change.

Love Ya




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