Australia’s Night of Shame!

This country has always had problems, but fundamentally; it has also been marked by a spirit of generosity and decency.

The legacy of that generosity and decency was irrevocably damaged  last night in two superb pieces of Journalism aired by the ABC.

There are days when you are ashamed to call yourself an Australian; today is one of those days.

Thank God, there are also days when we can be uplifted by the spirit of this Nation.

There was another article in the paper today; penned by the son of Curtis Cheng who was killed outside Parramatta Police Station by a mad youth with a gun.

That article is a gem; a perfect antidote  to the meanness, anger and spite demonstrated in the Australian Story and Four Corners programs.

Maybe there is hope after all!!

In the meantime, I sent off the following Missive

To the Editor, Sydney Morning Herald

It is a very long time, since a night of television has had such a profound impact on me, as did the ABC last night. (Malcolm Turnbull calls royal commission into youth abuse at Northern Territory’s Don Dale detention centre SMH 26/07/2016)

It was a damning and shameful expose of the stupidity and culpability of Government in this country.

First; we had the Australian Story on the brave, young Iranian lady who does not qualify for refugee status because she was raped by her family and not the State! She is forced to live a life of imprisonment in detention centres, despite completing her High School education and marrying the man she loves in Australia.

This lady would and should be an adornment to this country, but instead; because of red tape and the self-righteous posturing of our Immigration Minister, she lives in no man’s land, while hers and her husband’s lives are destroyed; little piece of heartbreak, by little piece of heartbreak.

Then; on Four Corners we had the shameful piece on the detention and abuse of young offenders in the Northern Territory.

Tear gas used on young teenagers in captivity, with no possible means of escape!

Young boys stripped of their clothing while being violently held by prison Guards!

Hooded boys held in “electronic control devices” for hours on end!

Pictures and tape of the Guards total contempt for the people they were entrusted to care for!

If this happened in the Middle East or a Police State, we would be shocked and horrified. That it could happen in this country; terrifies me.






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