A wet cold day in Canberra a time for hope and optimism


Hi Sas

It was 15 September 1973, when for the very first time; my NRL team Cronulla were playing in the Grand Final against the silver tails from Manly.

Colin and I listened to the broadcast as we sat in the car outside St Andrews in Canberra, the game was still in the balance as we braved the weather and raced to the foyer of the church.

I took my place at the altar and waited anxiously for you to arrive.

My team would not win that day and would be forced to endure many years of turmoil and frustration.

We too, would have our fair share of turmoil and frustration but the bad times would be spliced with pure joy and deep friendship.

You were a very special Bride; I was in love, proud and joyous.

It was a beautiful ceremony to be followed by a night of fun with family and friends

There was a nagging feeling that what I was doing was wrong, but these feeling were subsumed by the love, hope and optimism we shared that night.

My doubts were squashed as we embarked on our life together.

Whatever has happened in the intervening years, I can only hope your regrets are tempered with thoughts of the love and friendship we shared at that time and certainly from my viewpoint; we still share.

I have guilt about what I now see as my deception, it would not be human not to, but; at the time I honestly believed I could beat the ghosts and together we could achieve the dreams we shared.

The day after our wedding was spent with family and friends before we embarked on the long road trip to the Barossa Valley for our honeymoon.

The Vine Inn at Nurioopta became our haven from the world for the next ten days, as we explored the wineries and soaked up the history of this beautiful part of the world.

I remember you, staggering down the winding stairs at Yalumba after one too many wine tastings, the dinners we shared in the many tiny villages scattered across the Valley and the lush country breakfasts after nights of closeness and hope.

We were special, I don’t how or why we were special, but we were!

The rail lines had become a monorail.

The lines would separate again in  times to come, but we have never been less than parallel.

Maybe, that is why; the specialness of our relationship has never been diminished.

With Loving memories



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