After the darkness mid 1982


Dear Affy

What can I say to a man who has been my savior, my business partner, my friend and my colleague for over thirty years.

There will be time enough later to tell you what you really mean to me and this will be but the first of many letters to you, as I continue my journey from the past to the present

We came together in the aftermath of the great bust in the property market in the late 70’s – early 80’s.

Given the size of the Wagga market and the enormity of the business collapses, I think this was possibly the biggest property crash Australia had seen in a single City, since the great Depression.

The firm you had worked for, collapsed flooding the market with over 300 properties in one fell swoop; this was in a city where significantly less than a 1,000 properties were normally traded in a single year.

Local investors in the firm were to find out many of their mortgages were worthless, the after effects of the big drought were still being felt and the shock of this collapse would drag many other significant businesses down with it. Tradesmen were not being paid, suppliers were not being paid and the property industry was brought to its knees.

There was an estimate that in a period of two years, almost 1,000 properties would be sold under forced situations; this in a city, at the time of less than 40,000 people or; around 12,000 homes in total.

Whilst your erstwhile employer was trying to avoid Jail over significant fraud charges, you were retained by the liquidators to help them make sense of the unholy mess he had left behind.

You were in your mid – twenties and the only person to emerge unsullied by this debacle.

My business was staggering, the cash flow had dried up and my properties had to be sold to ease the pressure.

I am not sure how we first came together to discuss our respective futures, but I remember the conversation as if it were yesterday.

I asked you if you would come and work for me and you said; “No, but I will buy half your business”

Fucking Hallelujah!

To the outside world, you would be seen as the Tenille to my Captain in the business were to see grow and flourish over the next few years. Not only a partnership, but a friendship was set in concrete.

I knew the truth, without you; this business would never have recovered, the Captains robes were looking very, very tattered.

You became a confidant, a friend to Sas and the perfect sail on which we would catch the wind.

You could not know the demons which dwelt inside me and I could not confide these demons to you at the time; but the challenge and fun of working with you, meant the demons were filed away as we built our dream.

Thank You Affy



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