Ugly Politics ahead of an even uglier Plebiscite

It was a wonderfully calm morning across the Harbor this morning, as I got up and then walked to the corner for my coffee and the papers.

The Issue of the plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage continues to raise its very ugly head. What shames me most about all of this, is the weakness of the so called “Progressives” within the LCP.

There are two members of the Coalition are openly gay and, yet; they are condoning and promoting a plebiscite which will reopen old wounds for us older gay men and women and, open savage new ones for the younger gays in our community who are struggling with the acceptance of their own identity.

I would have hoped this issue would have been done and dusted; other countries have voted to legalize Same Sex marriage and the sky has not collapsed.

Surely it is time we can put this issue behind us and move on to start fixing other areas of public debate, this is not the best use of our Political Leaders time but has been drawn out as a last ditch battle between the Neo Cons and the rest of the country.

The longer this battle rages the more the potential for equality is damaged; this is the aim of the Neo Cons within the Coalition but why are they being aided and abetted by people who do and should know better?

A letter to the Editor SMH 30 August 2016

On the same day Tim Wilson backed a plebiscite on same sex marriage (SMH 30 August), the “other” Sydney paper ran a massive front page story titled “Thou Shalt not Pass” detailing a combined Churches’ campaign against this issue.

This is just a forerunner to the hatred and vitriol that will be unleashed, if this misguided plebiscite goes ahead.

Tim Wilson accuses Bill Shorten of being “all politics and no principle” I nearly choked as I read this piece of hypocritical garbage!

Tim Wilson should remember the time, when with NO reference to the gay community or a national plebiscite, former Prime Minister: John Howard changed the Marriage Act in 2004 to prohibit the ACT from legalising same sex marriage. That was all Politics!!

He does remember “crying” when the plebiscite was first mooted by Tony Abbott. That too, was all Politics!!

Well he should have cried! This is the only time in living memory when Parliament has abrogated its responsibility on a matter, for which it is legally entitled to vote.

True courage, Mr Wilson; would be for you and other “supporters” to cross the floor in the House of Representatives and vote for the introduction of a Same Sex Marriage Bill.

I guess that is asking too much; now you are safely ensconced in the warm leather!



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