The Cowards of the Couches

To The Editor Sydney Morning Herald  3 September 2016

What a great piece by Jacqueline Maley in the Herald today

She skewers the crusty old men of today, hiding behind their religion to condemn Gay Marriage, by using the words and deeds of crusty, old men 114 years ago; as they railed against giving women the right to vote in Australia.

“We are running counter to the intentions and to the design of the Great Creator”, these words; uttered by William Knox in 1902 as he spoke against female suffrage, are eerily similar to the words and ideas being spouted by the churches and their cohort, opposed to gay marriage; today.

It was religious bigotry in 1902 and it is religious bigotry today!

By the way; giving women the right to vote was decided by an Act of Parliament in 1902!

Now; “the Cowards of the Parliamentary Couches” prefer to hide behind a meaningless plebiscite; invoking a level of bitterness and hatred, which will potentially damage the lives of countless young gay men and women who, are even today; battling to come to grips with their sexual identity.

Disappointingly; the “Cowards of the Couches” within the Coalition, includes several gay men. These men should know from personal experience; just how damaging this plebiscite can, and most probably will be; to their own community.



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