The Plebiscite Again!

To the Editor SMH

I am confused as to why the organized and wealthy churches are demanding funding for the proposed plebiscite, whilst the Gay Community, not renowned for its cohesiveness; is vehemently opposed.  (PM’S team divided over Plebiscite money, SMH 12 September 2016)

The cost and usefulness of this Plebiscite, is already seriously under question and now; the Religious Right want the population as a whole to pick up the tab for their proposed Hate campaign.

Can we please have a Plebiscite to decide whether the Plebiscite should be publicly funded?

I am absolutely certain, that Plebiscite; would return a resounding NO vote.

Terri Butler is quite right; “the plebiscite is going from bad to worse”, perhaps; “from the ridiculous to the totally ludicrous” would be a better aphorism.

How can anyone justify spending public money to support either side of this unneeded and already costly, exercise?

Bruce Ingrey


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