OMG I hope I am wrong!

It was announced this morning that the Marriage Equality plebiscite will be held in February 2017 and $15 Million will be equally divided between the Pro and Anti campaigns.

I hate to harp on this topic but i is something that can and should be decided by Parliament.

The world certainly has more pressing problems than Same Sex  Marriage equality in Australia. But that is precisely the point;  why cant we have this Bill debated in Parliament and let our Government get back to dealing with the economy, the myriad of wars in the Middle East, homelessness, drug addiction etc.

The only reason we are having this plebiscite is to appease the hard right of politics and the Religious nutters

It is an expensive and divisive diversion that will cause grief to many people .

I tried again with this letter to the Sydney Morning Herald

 Dear Sir 

OMG, I hope I am wrong!

At this stage though; I am fearful, very fearful!

The religious and conservative Right have been given $7.5 Million to launch a campaign against Same Sex Marriage, based on bigotry and homophobia

Hang your heads in shame; Mr Turnbull, Mr Zimmerman and Mr Wilson!

I hope you sleep well tonight.

Thousands of young men and women will go to bed, knowing their sexuality is going to be subjected to taunts, vitriol and an onslaught of misinformation.

This plebiscite is wrong and has enormous potential for damage to already vulnerable people.

Now; we are giving public money to the preachers of hate!

What has become of the country, which was emerging as a beacon of tolerance and decency?



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