Is it worth fighting for?

My letter of yesterday is supposed to be in the paper today.

When I sent it through to friends yesterday, Billy asked me why I was so obsessed with the question of Marriage Equality when I am not likely to want to get married and it is a peripheral issue, given all that is happening in the world?

The answer to this is simple; we cannot change the world to any great extent; those problems are too intractable for us mere mortals.

But; that is not a reason not to want to change the things we can have some effect on!

If we can do something to make our little part of the world  a better place; we owe it to ourselves to do all we can.

As I prepared to spend this morning washing clothes for the homeless for Orange Sky Laundry, it was a miserable, wet morning outside. I was thinking that much of what we will do today, will be quickly negated by the weather.

The temptation to stay in my warm bed and pretend this was one of my bad days, was almost overwhelming, but I knew I could not do this.

Other members of my team would be down there getting wet and uncomfortable. I slowly got out of bed,  hoping that at least a small part of what we would do today, could give some comfort to our homeless friends.

To paraphrase an old Kris Kristofferson song “I rummaged through my closet and found my oldest clean shirt, before goin’ out to meet the day’”

I was just about to leave when Brad called and asked my thoughts about doing our shift today, given the miserable weather.

I did not confess to him that I had just gone through my own “crisis of confidence”, instead; breezily assuring him, I was ready to go, whatever the weather would throw at us.

In the event, the weather cleared and it was actually quite warm by the end of the shift. We chatted with our homeless friends and I spent some time talking with pastor Ken about the issues he faces every day as he works with the homeless at Hope Street café.

I felt even more guilty about my reluctance to come this morning. I am not the slightest bit religious but the work Ken does down at Hope Street is truly an inspiration.

As I left at the end of my shift, Ken was heading off for a fishing afternoon with a number of the homeless in tow. I hope they caught something, but for Ken; the chance to get these people away from their dismal lives for an afternoon would have been a great catch in itself.

There is no question that for Ken; even the smallest victories, are worth the fight.



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