The ugliness of Ignorance

Pauline Hanson made her “maiden” speech in the Senate yesterday, it was a truly horrendous diatribe; full of ignorance and empty of fact.

This followed the Maiden Speech on Tuesday of her compatriot; Malcolm Roberts, who spent most of his allocated time, denying Climate Change and alleging a conspiracy between most of the world’s leading scientific bodies.

There was no point writing anything on the Roberts rubbish; he is the man who blithely challenged Professor Brian Cox on Q and A several weeks ago.

Eventually, Roberts reduced this intelligent and erudite man to a stuttering wreck as he tried to comprehend the depth of Roberts ignorance.

None are so stupid, as those who do not know they are stupid and Roberts is the man who got 71 Votes in his own name at the recent election!

Hanson is a different matter, she knows full well what she is doing and the capacity for racial hatred she is capable of unleashing.

Her comments must be challenged by any decent person and I could not resist sending this letter to the Herald.

Dear Sir

I applaud Tony Wrights Comment piece (SMH 15 September 2016 “By walking out, Greens gave her just what she craves”) but I do disagree with his assertion the Greens should not have walked out.

Hanson’s speech was so sickening, there was a very real risk the pews may have been awash with puke if the tender Greens had stayed put.

It was not comfortable, to realise One Nation achieved 25% more votes than the entire Muslim population of Australia.

If you take out the Muslims under voting age, that probably means at least twice as many Australians, voted for Hanson as there are eligible Muslim voters.    

Who should we fear, Indeed!




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