When all else fails bring out the “Poofter” tag

Sydney has been swamped by the avalanche of innuendo and suspicion regarding Illegal gambling on NRL matches.

Kate McClymont from the Herald has been at the forefront of investigative journalism into this matter.

She has been supported by Andrew Webster, the Chief Sports Editor at the paper who just happens to be gay.

Last week, one of the key figures in this debacle; Eddie Hayson held a bizarre press conference to “clear” his name and Webster wrote about this.

Webster received a vile SMS from Hayson which he bravely decided to share with the readers of the SMH this morning.

I sent the following to the SMH in support of Webster.

To The Editor

Thank you, Andrew Webster for having the guts to publicly call out Eddie Hayson after his sick, cowardly, homophobic SMS rant (SMH 19 September 2016)

How many people over the years; “could have, should have” done the same; instead of letting the hate and the hurt linger deep inside.

On a lighter note, receiving a list of dirty, schoolyard insults from a grub like Hayson, will surely earn Webster the admiration of most decent citizens.

Bankrupt, questionable gambler, former brothel owner; Hayson has quite a resume!

It took courage for Andrew Webster to shine the light of public scrutiny on this hurtful and homophobic missive.

All people who combine their love of sport with a sense of integrity will applaud his bravery

Bruce Ingrey

Footnote – this letter was published in the SMH on 20 September 2016 accompanied by a Wilcox cartoon


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