Forty and Fun


Hi Jay

We had met in January 1992, I was in Hawaii for a few days R and R on my way home after yet another conference in the States.

I had sworn off long distance relationships but the time we spent together was a lot of fun.

We explored Oahu together with several trips to the wild beaches of the north side and a few lovely lazy days doing absolutely nothing.

I had my Fortieth Birthday coming up at the end of February and whilst this had been talked about with friends at home, nothing had really been decided.

With family and Friends in Sydney and friends in Melbourne it was hard to decide what to do.

You were almost native Hawaiian and came from a family on Kauai, you told me about a place your aunt used on this Island to get young Hawaiians back in touch with their culture.

The project sounded worthwhile and the place idyllic, I jumped at the opportunity when you told me over the phone, that it was vacant for a couple of days at the end of February. The cost was a relatively modest donation to your Aunts Charity.

It would only be a few short days, but we made plans for me to fly to Honolulu and then we would fly together for two days on Kauai.

I flew to Sydney early the previous Sunday morning for a birthday brunch with Sas, the kids and a few friends before flying onto Brisbane for three days of management training, I was back in Melbourne on Wednesday night for meetings on the Thursday, then a dinner with Myf, Sue and Gabi after an auction at Clayton office.

Myf and Sue put me on a late flight to Honolulu and I arrived in Hawaii early on the morning of my birthday (Australian time).

We flew out to Kauai and I spent my fortieth Birthday eve with you in the most idyllic of spots, the house was perched over a stream in the hills above Hanalei Bay.

Waking up on the Friday (your time) I greeted my next forty years, bathed in sunshine and seemingly wrapped in the cocoon of natural forest as I sat by the side of the stream.

We had two days of exploring Kauai, visiting little roadside pubs, swimming in the clear waters of the bay and coming back home to make a late dinner before going to sleep with the sound of water gently trickling down the hill.

I don’t think either of us expected too much from this liaison but the time we spent on the island is indelibly imprinted on my mind as one of the most pleasant memories of my life.

My birthday week had been spent with family, friends and finished off with a magical few days. Turning forty had been very special indeed.

I was to go back Hawaii for a few days at Easter in 1992 but you had moved on and we caught up as old friends for a drink and dinner.

Thank you for the memories Jay, I often wonder how you are doing, That crooked, sly smile, gentle sarcasm and wonderful attitude to life made you a very special person in my life, even if our time was brief.

I hope you are doing well.





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