Sins of the past a lighter side

Hi Mum

It was bright, sunny, Sunday morning, stunning for this time of the year. Brian had been in Melbourne during the week, delivering the news about my ascension to the board.

I was excited and I wanted to share the news with you.

Usually on a Sunday, I would have several catch ups with old friends, but; either people were away or had other things on. I was awake early with a day of pleasant nothingness beckoning.

It was a spur of the moment decision, when I decided to drive up to “Calare”. I didn’t call, because that would have sent you frantically round the house with the duster and baking something for lunch. The worse that could happen, would be me having a pleasant drive in the country for the next six hours.

Stocked with “The Boss” I set off around 8.30 am.

I expected you to be home, you didn’t go out much nowadays, so the risk of missing you was not great.

I stopped for a lovely lunch in lazy, old Chiltern and it was after 1.00 pm by the time I got to the farm.

As I was heading up the drive, I saw a strange car parked at the front gate, it looked like a little, old lady’s car so I thought you must have a visitor.

As per all regular visitors to the farm, I drove round the back and parked under the Pepper Trees. I walked slowly up the path to the sunroom, quickly reliving old memories.

The house was quiet as I let myself in, quietly calling your name as I walked through the kitchen and dining room, finally finding you and Mrs. Liersch huddled around the fire, in the lounge room.

“Oh Bruce, what are you doing there, you didn’t tell me you were coming”

“I felt like a drive in the country”

“Well, it is lovely to see you, you remember Mrs Liersch don’t you? “

“Yes, hi Mrs Liersch; would you ladies like a cup of tea?”

“That would be lovely”

I took the orders for tea all round and headed back down the hall, shutting the door behind me, to keep the warmth in the room.

I paused in the hall and heard Mrs Liersch ask; “which one is that Kathy?”

“That is Bruce, he is the one between Jerry and Terry”

“Oh, is that the one who disgraced himself at the Henty Firemen’s Ball?”

I was now 40 years old, I had just been made a Director of the fastest growing Real Estate Company in Australia.

Suddenly, I was reduced to a seventeen-year-old boy, who, full of grog; had barfed over Elvie Jelbart’s lilac, satin ball gown!

Nothing like a trip home to bring someone down to earth

I heard you say “Oh, he has grown up a bit since then”

I headed to the kitchen, wearing a wry smile. I came back with a service of tea in your best teapot, perched on your best tray, accompanied by your best china.

At least the disgraced one, could rise to the occasion.

Mrs. Liersch left, and I finally got to share my news, before heading back to Melbourne.

At least “The Boss” was not judgmental!

Love Ya



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