Triumph and tribulations

Post 123 25 September 2016

 Dear Andrew

We were two outsiders in the Ray White boardroom, you had achieved your position as the financial architect, I looked to you as the Team Manager, you kept the financial wheels turning whilst I tried to keep the machine running as well as I could.

Our “Owner / Driver” demanded performance and you and I made a terrific team, I always felt better, knowing your hand was on the tiller (sorry about the mixed metaphors).

I had a big trip towards the end of 1993, I was in Brisbane for management training, then Melbourne for a couple of days before going to Tasmania to catch up with the team there and then heading across to Perth where I was to catch up with you and Brian.

Unfortunately, the trip was done in pain, I had managed to get a stress fracture in my right tibia whilst running with Rachel early on the Monday morning in Brisbane.

I hobbled through two days of Management Training, grabbed one night in Sydney on the way through and then limped on crutches through two days in Melbourne before heading across the Strait for an awards night in Hobart.

My pain was made worse as the result of a very bad joke in Tasmania, Joe’s wife and I were sharing the stage and I joked about “bringing four legs to Tasmania but having left my second head at in Melbourne”

She lashed out with her stiletto, it was meant to be in fun but her heel caught the stress fracture so perfectly, that I dropped to the floor in absolute agony. The look of horror on her face, was almost worth the pain.

Shit, I used to really like that lady.

I was flying through Adelaide to get to Perth and I was mortified when it came time to board for the second leg. They insisted on putting me in a wheel chair, and carting me out to the plane with a front-end loader, Adelaide did not have boarding ramps at the time.

We met up in Perth, it was either the beginning of October or November and the figures for the previous month were coming through.

For the first time, we had broken through the $1 Billion Barrier for a single month!

Just a few, short years before, the group had struggled to reach $1 billion for the entire year.

Fine wine and good food killed my pain, as you, Brian and I, dined out on this stunning milestone.

It was night to remember.

I came back to Sydney after the weekend, filled with a sense of satisfaction and optimism. We were seeing the results of an arduous and, at times; debilitating campaign.

Our aim to build the largest network in Australia was on track.

There was still much work to be done, but first I had get my leg in plaster.

Thanks Andrew, it was fun working with you



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