Bigotry and Bias

As the farce over the proposed Plebiscite deepens, the letters column in the SMH continues to focus on the pros and cons of this issue.

That this issue continues to arouse the ire of the conservative forces in Australia amazes me to a very sad degree, I think most people would agree that Marriage equality will shortly become law in this country, and yet; the conservatives will not surrender to this reality.

Whether or not the plebiscite is held, the law can only be changed by an Act of Parliament and the waste of resources and time at the expense of the many major issues facing the world and this country is extraordinary.

Nan Howard from Camden is a prime example of conservative priorities; her letter in the SMH today caused me to write the following reply.

The Editor

Ah Nan, you have done it again! (letters SMH 27/09/2016)

So homosexuality is “immoral even if it is decriminalised”.

Your selective use of the term “immoral” is just a foretaste of the hate to surface if this plebiscite goes ahead.

As for equal funding for you to preach your bile; the gay community is totally in favour of equal funding i.e. no funding for either side.

Gambling is immoral, the war in Syria is immoral, our treatment of refugees is immoral, domestic violence is immoral, prejudice of any kind is immoral.

When I see the “high priestess of morality from Camden” start to write in horror about any of the above, I will treat her views a little more seriously.

Sorry Nan, at the present time; your selective phobia is nauseating.



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