The world works in mysterious ways

Hi Ross

We first saw each other back in very late December 1993, I was at The Shift with two old friends from Melbourne who were in Sydney for a couple of days and you walked in with Dud.

I knew Dud reasonably well and my initial thoughts were simply goodwill towards the two of you.

I was happy he had found someone he was obviously very comfortable with, but; there was something going on between you and I, that should not have been.

There is always a mystery about attraction, why someone is drawn to someone else, what causes this and how it plays out.

My friends kept on urging me to go and say hello, I refused, I did not want to upset Dud and I did not want to butt in where I was not wanted.

We left and went to dinner, but not before a long passing glance in your direction was returned with equal fervor.

My God, I was almost 42 years old and I was behaving like a teenager, I never saw you again that summer, but the memory lingered

Fast forward to April 1994.

I was leaving South Beach the next day. The “dregs party” had wound up at my flat and against my better judgement, I was dragged across the road to the bar for “one last drink”.

What are the odds of seeing someone four months later, both of us in a strange City on the other side of the world?

I heard you say to your friend, “that guy is from Sydney”.

We spoke briefly above the noise of the dance floor; you made it quite plain you did not speak to drunks and I was equally adamant, my current state was an aberration.

My friends from the “Dregs Party” came looking for me and you were leaving to take your friend to the Straight bar down the road.

You were two friends from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, both at College in the US on Sport Scholarships. He was in Virginia and you were in South Carolina, one gay one straight.

You had agreed to meet in South Beach for Spring Break and this was your last night.

You promised to come back but I had heard that before. I went back to my friends and you walked up the road with your friend; his escort to the Straight Bar.

I tried  to sober up, water became my drink of choice, but at 2.00 am I was ready to go home, just walking out as you walked in.

Coffee at the Diner on the corner seemed like a good way to finish the night, but it didn’t end there! I woke up next morning next to you.

I took you both to the airport, you were heading to Atlanta before your friend changed planes to Virginia and you took the bus across to South Carolina.

I was driving to Atlanta, staying there for a couple of nights, then flying to Sydney.

We had 24 hours together in Atlanta before I drove you to back to College.

An attraction which started in Sydney, Australia, blossomed in Atlanta, Georgia.

I came home full of dreams, they were not to last.

You wrote and told me about your partner in Sydney and I worked hard to forget a magical 36 hours.

That was not easy. If I was to write a blueprint for man to fall in love with, it would include an interest in sport and politics, a social conscience, a zest for life  and a sexual attraction.

You would have scored at least a nine in all categories, LOL.

Hope you are well



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