Football losses and a win at the Professor, life goes on


Dear Billy, Jas, Annie and Kayla

It was fun on Saturday afternoon, trading SMS messages with Kayla and Jas as the AFL Grand Final got under way and we shared our hope for another Swans triumph.

The game waxed ferociously for three and a half quarters, the margin was just a coupler of points at three quarter time and we all hoped the famous Swans tenacity would see us through. Billy left John M and I alone to watch the game, declaring it was too close and painful for him to watch.

The Bulldogs eventually notched up a historic victory, I cried for the Swannies, but my disappointment was dissipated somewhat by the enormity of the Bulldogs effort.

I was just two years old the last time Footscray won the title, they have been through a name change, they have been through a near death experience and their season this year has been marred by injury.

I can only imagine the joy and jubilation that would be sweeping over the Western Suburbs of Melbourne tonight.

I was there in the late Nineties when there was a glimmer of hope the Bulldogs could go all the way, they were denied a berth in the Grand Final by eventual premiers Adelaide in 1997 and the sense of loss was palpable across the area.

In some way, my sense of loss this year, was mitigated by my having been there, in Bulldog territory; in 1997.

I wish I could say the same for the NRL Grand Final on Sunday; here were two teams, the Melbourne Storm and Cronulla Sharks, both of whom have been hit by scandal over the past eight years.

The Storm had two premierships taken from them over the Salary cap issue whilst the Sharks had been embroiled in the Football drugs scandal in 2012 – 2014.

A piffling punishment of short term suspensions for a number of key Shark players was bad enough, but somehow these same players have become the heroes for their denial of what had gone on.

I used to be a fervent Shark supporter but the drugs scandal and their recruitment of badly tainted players has long since diminished my enthusiasm. On Sunday evening, I was fervently hoping for a Storm victory but again I was denied.

With the football out of the way over the weekend, it was time to front up at the Professor this morning for our six weekly checkup.

Billy and I were there together as the Professor went through his routine of checks and tests, with the verdict being; that there had been little change from my last appointment.

I am still stuck in the limbo between an active life and dribbling incontinence, I am certainly not complaining; but I wish like hell there was some sort of a miracle to rid me from the crippling tiredness that is part of this slow decline.

I can’t help feeling I may have seen my last Grand Finals, but somehow; the loss on Saturday and The Professor this morning, gives me the hope and enthusiasm to see The Swans in yet another Grand Final appearance.

I still have unfinished business so I plan to be around for a bit more.

Love you all



PS – if you have not seen it yet, please look at SNL on You Tube to see Alec Baldwin’s brilliant skewering of Donald Trump, it certainly made me laugh out loud and took the pain out of Saturday’s loss.


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