Hypocrisy and dirty dealings

The Opinions Editor SMH

Is there no end to the level of hypocrisy within the Turnbull Government?

Malcolm Turnbull horse traded his way to the leadership of the Coalition by doing a deal with the Nationals and the right wing of the Liberal Party. This involved him backing away from the values many of us hoped, he would espouse as Prime Minister.

His original distaste for the same sex marriage plebiscite was discarded in his frenzied grab for power.

There was an expectation, he would take a more humane line on the incarceration of refugees on Mannus and Nauru, but instead; we saw him lauding the virtues of Peter Dutton as Minister for Immigration.

Dutton, emboldened by his reinforced status; continues to defend the indefensible, mental cruelty of these institutions.

The oft quoted boast of the Government that we now have no refugee children behind bars, rings hollow; we have simply traded the cells of a detention centre for miles of forbidding ocean as a means of keeping these kids out of sight.

In the meantime, these children are forced to live amongst people who simply don’t want them and are subject to violence and intimidation on a daily basis.

One thing we had some reason to be proud of, were our laws against the importation and sale of rapid fire guns, but it seems now even this; is subject to horse-trading in order to get a totally unrelated piece of legislation through Parliament.

Then, we have Trent Zimmerman; a gay member of the coalition who fell into line with the coalition policy on the same sex marriage plebiscite; arguing against a plebiscite for the election of Liberal Party members in NSW.

Zimmerman’s argument; “At face value the proposition seems an appealing one, yet like many things in political life, solutions that can be reduced to slogans are not so simple” could have just as easily been used to condemn the SSM plebiscite.

Zimmerman refers to “ethnic and faith based groups” and, goes on to say ““the mobilisation of people to support extremes can bring catastrophic results”

That is precisely what the opponents of the SSM plebiscite were saying.

Yet Zimmerman, a man who obviously knows the dangers better than most; stayed eerily silent over the rush to the SSM plebiscite.

The great and sensible centre of Australian politics is being tilted to appease the Nationals and the far right of the Liberal Party.

The saddest part of this, is that it is being facilitated by the weakness and ineptitude of the very people we hoped would steer the Coalition back to a more central and moderate path.

The Right Wing of the Liberal Party and the National Party could not wish for more than they currently have:

Cosmopolitan, latte sipping, inner city types; doing their bidding.

I, and I am sure many others, cynically yearn for the good old days.

At least the Wolf wore his Wolf’s clothing with pride. The budgie smugglers were there for everyone to see.

Not, clothed in pure, fine wool Merino and smiling insincerity.



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