Bad luck or something worse?

Hi Was

The jury is still out as to whether our friendship was really what I needed in the tough years of establishing a business. You led me astray far too often and the hangovers were far too severe LOL.

What is not in doubt, is the valued support you gave me, based on your experience as an auctioneer and ex alumni of the market place where I was now trying to establish a business.

I don’t know how many times you told me, I was far too naïve to tackle this “cowboy” market. But I truly appreciated your friendship and generous help during these very tough times..

By late 1997 – 1998, I was finally making some headway in the market and the future was looking brighter, I don’t know which of us, was most surprised at this turn of events.

There were two major setbacks later in 1998. Setbacks, which neither you nor I could ever have predicted.

I had done well over 8,000 auctions during my career, you had done probably at least half that number. Neither of us had never experienced the ignominy of having knocked down a property to a purchaser who refused to proceed.

In the last six months of 1998, this happened to me twice, within two weeks.

In a close-knit market, the reverberations and gossip from these twin disasters, coming so soon after each other, damaged much of the headway we had made.

In both instances, the purchasers had inspected the properties numerous times before the auction, there was no sign they were anything but genuine.

That neither of my sellers were prepared to support me in court action to enforce these contracts was a bitter blow.

As you had often told me, real estate was a tough game in this western, suburban market, but if there was anything behind this twin punch I was mystified at the risks everyone involved had been prepared to take. As much as I would have liked to believe in your conspiracy theory, I honestly think these events were just  bloody bad luck.

I questioned myself after both of them, there had been several local friends and clients at both Auctions and I questioned these people intently as to what I could have done differently or what I had done wrong.

Everyone agreed, there was no appearance of anything amiss.

I had no idea how anything like this could have been engineered so I had no choice but to accept that lightning does strike twice.

The revenue loss and the loss of costs which should have been recouped, amounted to almost $20,000, it certainly took the gloss off what had been a good year. Twenty grand in 1998 was a lot of money!

You persisted with your conspiracy theory  and there were times your attitude could be annoying.

Far more importantly though, your ongoing support and belief  provided the strength for me to move forward. I will be forever grateful for this.

Thanks Was, we must catch up soon. I don’t miss the hangovers but I do miss you.




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