AAGH – the politicians we deserve


To the Editor SMH 31 October 2016

I thought I was reading about some Kafkaesque piece of ideology (Govt. wants life ban on asylum seekers entering Australia SMH 31 October)

If I read the proposed legislation correctly, it will mean any current or future refugee banned from Australia, will never be allowed into this country as potential residents, temporary visitors or; for a holiday.

What will happen if a refugee on Mannus is resettled to a third country, makes a success of his/her life and is invited to Australia for either short term work in their area of expertise, to attend a conference or simply for a holiday?

We will need an Act of Parliament to allow them in!!

The idea that you can ban someone forever, without any regard to how their life may evolve over the next fifty years, is not only excessively punitive, it is also excessively stupid.

We know many refugees have proved to be resilient and resourceful, a quick scan of any list of achievers in Australia will show a far greater percentage with refugee heritage than for the general population.

If Luke Nguyen or Anh Do were to arrive in Australia today, as they did thirty odd years ago, they would be excluded from ever living in this country. There would be some benefits; the standard of food on Nauru would dramatically improve, the internees could have their portraits done and they may have something to laugh about.

I heard Pauline Hanson on radio today, supporting the legislation by stating “we do not welcome refugees” at least in her ignorance, she did not use the weasel words, “illegal immigrants”.

When did we turn so blindingly inward?

When did we lose our compassion?



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