Jassie gets married


Hi Darling

22 February 2003, was a windy, wet day.

Your wedding was planned to be outdoors at McKell Park with its stunning views across the harbor.

We spoke about 11.00 am and you asked whether you should move the ceremony to the hotel where the reception was to be held.

We all hoped the weather would clear, but I told you it was probably better to decide now, so you could relax and enjoy the day without the worry of the weather.

This day had to be special for you, I knew you well enough to know how much you needed certainty, especially on this day.

My eldest daughter was getting married.

As always at these events, there was a mix of sadness and great joy.

The loss of my soul mate had been a long time in gestation. You and Jorge had been together for over three years and I had gradually accepted I was no longer the main man in your life, but the finality of seeing you walk down the aisle was still tinged with some regret.

The little girl wandering off to her first day at school, the stubborn daughter who defiantly declared which high school she would attend, the caring, loving teenager I had cuddled and cried with after I told you I was gay, the party girl who had to be rescued two New Year’s Eves in succession, the lead singer in the hairbrush trio on long road trips, the maturing woman who lived with me through some of the dark days in Melbourne, the strong and decent human being who cajoled and bossed me through the drugs and bad nights of the HIV period.

These, and a host of other memories flooded my mind on this your very special day, but the overwhelming emotions were joy and pride.

It was a beautiful day. Chris took charge of the cars and the photo sessions; “rounding up cats” was how he described his afternoon, Kearns was a terrific MC, Mum and Douglas were gracious, Ken and Jean were the proud parents of the groom, Jorge said only nice things about you, and; your two sisters and Alison were radiant as your support team.

My family and friends both gay and straight, mingled easily with Mum’s family and friends, Jorge’s family and friends were welcomed into our world and family.

It was a night I had long dreamed of, and now it was a reality.

The battles had been worth it and the future looked bright and happy. Your future with Jorge was assured, I cannot remember ever being prouder or happier with my family and my life.

You and Jorge deserved every happiness.





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