The Rise of the False Prophet

To the Opinions Editor, Sydney Morning Herald

An interview with a Trump supporter, after the election result became clear; sent shivers down my spine.

“We will get rid of the degenerates” he said;

I wonder which “degenerates” he was referring to?

Would it be women, desperately seeking an abortion for whatever overpowering reason?

Would it be the many decent Muslims, as aghast as any, at the atrocities committed in the name of their religion?

Would it be the Hispanics, derided as rapists and criminals?

Would it be the black Americans, many of whom have their roots in America more deeply embedded than the interviewee?

Would it be the Jewish population who are blamed for the financial inequality?

Would it be the gay Americans who have fought so hard for acceptance and the right to marry?

Would it be the large Asian population who have fled tyranny, to make their home in the Land of the Free?

The answer I fear is all the above.

I have spent more than enough time, in the south and south western states of the USA, to know and fear the rise of this intolerant mass, fueled by religious fervor.

I have been a gay man, warned by his partner not to make any sign of public affection in large parts of cities like Charlotte, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Kansas City and Miami just to name a few.

I have sat in a restaurant in Augusta, Georgia and witnessed a disgraceful display of bigotry and bile spewed towards a mixed couple, visiting from the North.

I have been lectured by an “esteemed” visiting evangelist, in a Gym in a small city in South Carolina, on the evils of sodomy, abortion and the inequality of black people who “were put on this earth to serve as slaves to their white masters”.

This all, as he quoted selectively from the Bible, while lifting weights or running on a treadmill.

“Do your schools in Australia have to recite the Lords Prayer every morning, before class?” he asked, looking aghast as I replied “No”.

I have been in a Duty-Free store in Honolulu when two tall Southerners said to each other at the top of their voices ‘Look at all the Chinks here”

These are just some examples of the people who elected Trump and his neo con, evangelical Christian, running mate; Pence.

The power of these people to select at least two High Court Justices during the next four years, is frightening.

A new challenge to Roe V Wade to outlaw abortion with a conservatively stacked Court will be on the horizon very quickly.

Remember, it was the High Court which ruled that bans on Gay Marriage are illegal. How quickly will this be overturned with a new legal challenge to a Conservative Court?

The irony of all this, is that many of the people who voted for Trump, turned their back on their religious beliefs to elect a twice divorced, self-confessed Groper.

The poor people of the South and South West felt disenfranchised, so they embraced a rich man from the North!

The search for simple answers is an impossible journey in a Country with great division and a huge underclass of poorly educated, bitter people.

This Journey will end in tears; not only for America but for the world.

A friend of mine, predicts a war against North Korea within three years, just to show the Chinese who is the boss.

I can only hope he is wrong.



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