Another bombshell

Hey Kayla

My diary for 2009 shows life  slowly getting back to normal. You had been working in the City and living with me for a number of years. For two impatient people generally intolerant of other’s foibles we were getting on well. There was of course, the occasional “dust up” but these were usually settled quickly.

As soon as I accepted it had all been my fault LOL

I was really starting to feel a lot better, I was walking and swimming almost every day and after a year to forget in 2008; business was starting to look brighter.

On the occasion when I could drag you put of bed at 5,30 am for a walk even you; were forced to concede I was handling straight lines much better.

Pat and Kearns had both stayed with us a couple of times during the year and everyone was happy to see me back to, if not my best; certainly, a hell of a lot better.

The MRI in February showed a continuing decrease in the inflammation in the brain, this confirmed  the pattern of the several MRI’s during 2008 which had showed a gradual improvement. February was the best, since I had gone back on treatment just on 12 months ago.

The drugs had stopped the flow of virus to the brain and we dared to hope the worst was over, even the drugs had improved immeasurably and the side effects were minimal

Apart from anything else, I was still alive.

The spectre of MSA was still there, but we chose to ignore that and focus on the results we could see.

You and I did The MS walkathon with Ian in June, and you got to meet a lot of the Quirks group, it was a fun day and terrific to see this much support for Ian as he tried valiantly to keep up with us in his chair.

I had meetings with the Professor in February, May, June and August, another MRI was scheduled before our October meeting, this was expected to show the continued improvement and I don’t think we even considered anything else.

I felt so well, that in late September; I drove to Melbourne to spend a few days with Jassie, Jorge and the kids.

Horrie and I went to the Grand Final Parade together on the Friday. We had a fun day, Grandpa and grandson enjoying each other’s company, watching the cavalcade of Geelong and St Kilda players before their big day.

It was a very sombre night at Di and Phils after Geelong had won, but Was and I had a great day at DTs watching the game and catching up with old friends.

I had the next MRI very early in October and we were to see the Professor on 8 October.

Billy was overseas for work so you volunteered to come with me. I think it was the first time you had been with me and this was not the right day!

We sat in the Professor’s office looking at the latest scan and listened as he spoke.

“I am sorry, it appears the inflammation has kick-started the MSA”

He pointed to an emerging white spot at the base of the brain, how could something so innocuous be the harbinger of something so grim?

The Professor spoke of the future and what we could expect, I had heard this before but you were hearing the hellishly, dark forecast for the first time.

I looked at you, the tears were close and slowly the dam wall broke.

We left; the park bench opposite the Hospital once again, became the site for this family’s silent reflection.

You were not yet thirty, your career and life lay before you; new fields to be unearthed, adventures to be had, boyfriends to be discovered,

You did not deserve what you had just heard, you were planning to leave for England at the end of the year and this obviously weighed heavily on your mind .

We cuddled on the bench, words were sparse.

Sunday mornings were usually our special time together,we would walk “the tan” at Centennial Park and share a coffee and bacon and egg roll after our exertion. We would discuss your trip on these mornings and I was pleased when you decided you were still going.

Love you darling



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