Immigration or fear of Immigrants

To the Editor SMH

Peter Dutton simplistically blames the Fraser Government’s immigration policies of the 1970’s and 1980’s by stating; “over 60% of the people charged with terrorism offences in Australia today, are from second or third generation, Lebanese Muslim backgrounds” (Dutton risks creating terrorists of the future; SMH 25 November 2016)

Let me make an equally simplistic assertion; 1996 saw the election of the Howard Government and the first rise of Hansonism.

Many of these “terrorists” would have been very young children or, were being born; at a time when John Howard and Hanson were uncorking the racism genie and, loosening the bi partisan strings that bound the Australian ideal of multiculturalism.

Suddenly, it was OK to emphasise differences and fear people who were not same as the rest of us.

These kids grew up in an Australia where they were increasingly marginalised and did not feel welcome. Is it any great wonder some of them were tempted towards extremism?

Both Dutton’s and my assertions are equally simplistic, the rise of Islamic terror has many fathers.

I simply point out, that one assertion has as much validity as the other.

Bruce Ingrey


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