Good people


Dear Suzana Peter and Family

You embody the perfect Australian migrant story.

we first met  in 2000,  Suzana’s dad declared, in his not so perfect English “you will be my Auctioneer” it wasn’t a question, more a command.

You have been there for me, both in business and personally for the past seventeen years.

Suzana, the professional medico with a passion for design. Your height and elegance enhanced by your weakness for Jimmy Chu’s.

Peter; the epitome of quiet professionalism and resigned indulgence.

I admire your faith in your Orthodox Christianity but as our friendship deepened there was trepidation about revealing I was gay and HIV positive, I need not have worried, your support was total and when my MSA was diagnosed you were among the first people I told.

I have seen two, hard nosed, driven professionals become the doting parents of twins and I have watched in awe as these children have grown over the past seven years.

I cried when I was In Melbourne in the days just before Christmas 2015 and Suzana called to say her dad had passed away suddenly on the building site. Roman’s death was so totally unexpected and the timing so bloody awful, I wish I had been home so I could have shared a coffee and tears with you.

Suzana, there are two very good reasons why I hope your mum lasts many more years, one is for all the right sentiments and the other is purely selfish, I don’t think I could sit through another Orthodox funeral!

I was saddened, when just days before Christmas, last year you called to say Pete’s Mum had passed away after a long illness; you people have a mortgage on timing!

Thank you for being a very special part of my life.





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