Country Folk


Dear Christine and Trevor

We knew each other vaguely from the Wagga Days, but; since Lish and Steve moved to Sydney in the early noughties, we have done business together, become close friends and have laughed and cried together on many occasions.

Trevor, the taciturn but gentle farmer and Chris, the perfect foil with your laugh and sensitivity.

Yours is a marriage I admire and respect enormously, your love and friendship for both Billy and I is so very warmly reciprocated.

It would be nice, however; if just once you would take my side in one of his and my “little discussions” LOL

The warm and loving mother who says she dislikes children has, despite herself; become the doting grandmother and we are thrilled. It means you are in Sydney more often and our brunches with the growing family are something we always look forward to.

Your support and love over the past years, as I have tried to maintain a semblance of normality has been tempered by your fierce determination to never let me feel sorry for myself.

We have loved having you people in our lives, you combine the innate decency of your country roots with a casual and warm acceptance that; has meant so much to Billy and I.

Keep Well



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