The New Zealanders


The two Marks.

One of you is a fierce, gay man who votes conservative and is never short of an intense argument as he tries to justify the unjustifiable. The would-be Neo Con, saved from a descent into conservative madness by his open gayness.

The other is a quietly determined gay academic, equally disparaging of anything not to the left of politics and given to a verbosity matched only by my own.

I don’t even know if the two of you have ever met, you have so much in common with your roots in rural, South Island New Zealand, but have such different political outlooks, it is perhaps better your paths have never crossed.

My bi monthly, Sunday breakfasts with Mark H have been an institution for a a lot of years and, when we don’t catch up, I miss them like hell.

Mark K, you and I have argued for so long and so often over a coffee at Trop. on a lazy Sunday afternoon, that my blood pressure would be dangerously weak were it not for the regular elevation.

Whatever your differences, you share Billy and I in common, I treasure the times we have spent together over the years, one gently solicitous of what is happening to me and the other pugnaciously defiant.

It is a pretty good tag team!

We have been delighted over the past year or so when you have both found partners we warmly welcome into our regular get togethers. Adam has tried to calm the raging beast with a surprising amount of success, and Roberto; is the dignified accompaniment to Mark H’ s Soliloquies.

Thanks Guys



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