The Country or Greece


The two Georges

George H, you and I met through Stephen and we have since become warm and close gay friends.

You, Billy and I have shared many meals together, we have solved all the problems of the world, but; I must admit, not had quite the same success with your tangled love life or, lack thereof.

You are a sensitive, caring muso full of heart and compassion, both Willy and I look forward to the times when we can get together.

George D, you are my own private indulgence.

The rampantly heterosexual, Greek Tradie whose solicitous phone calls “How you doing Brucie?” are always a welcome addition to my day.

Our coffees together are a mad run through of your latest sexual conquests laced with real care and compassion.

You are a tough man George D, but your heart is as good as any man’s I have ever known.

About the only thing, you guy’s share is a name, but each of you has been a wonderful addition to my support network and my world would be darker without either of you in it.

Be Good



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