Another Greek!


Hello Arthur.

You are the decent, kind and at times; outrageously camp, Greek man I have known and loved for many years.

How can someone be so loud and so gentle at the same time?

A product of a difficult childhood, you have overcome hurdles to become successful as well as being a friend and confidant to many.

I admire and love the man you are.

There is probably not a week goes by, without me thinking of you and the thought will always bring a smile to my face.

Your heart is even bigger than your flamboyant personality.

Even my, in some ways conservative daughters; who love the gay men in their life, but would prefer their Father’s friends to at least attempt to maintain some façade, are smitten by your outrageousness, your kindness and your wonderful generosity of spirit that knows no bounds.

I will sometimes call one of the girls after one of our (now much soberer) lunches and there is no mistaking, the warmth as they ask about you.

Thanks, old friend




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