Big Philou


Dear Phillip

Big Philou was a very famous racehorse so he really does not have much in common with you, plus; from memory he was a gelding, which you certainly are not!

The women in your life have always provided a certain amount of drama, most of it all your own doing!

We have been friends for almost twenty years, I have got used to unlisted calls from all parts of the world and that booming Chicago accent, asking how “Brucie, how the Fuck are you?”

Other friends of mine, you have met over the years, often ask “Have you seen Phil lately?” my stock standard answer is usually, “No, but he will turn up soon, bad smells always do!”

Sure enough, you will shortly be back in Sydney, we will have a couple of weeks of frenetic catch ups, before you head off again only to reappear like the Scarlet Pimpernel and regale me with a whole new set of experiences.

A loud giant of a man with endless optimism, but underneath, one of the most decent and caring people I know.

Thanks Philly, any thoughts of self-pity I may have, are in your parlance; “hit out of the ballpark” whenever we are together, and for a straight man; you give the best bear hugs in the business.

All good, Old mate.

Love Ya



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