The Billy Team


Justine, Britt, Krystie, Kath, Julie, Marian, Kath and Jeannine

You are all friends of Billy’s who have become great friends and supporters to both of us.

I know how the last eight years have taken their toll on Billy and I know how important it has been for him, to have you guys in his camp.

Krystie; the madcap sexy, human being who I once said; would be the only person I know that could “Turn” me. We have loved having you in our lives.

When I get frustrated with Billy cos he is texting when we are out, he silences me by saying he is chatting to Krystie, I am damn sure, sometimes at least; he is lying!

Your George may have stolen you away to the other side of Australia but he can’t steal you from Billy and his phone.

Justine and Britt; you guys were a big part of Billy’s life in his charity days and your friendship has endured far beyond that.

Britt, you are now the earth mother to two gorgeous kids while Justine, you are still beavering away in PNG, doing do your bit to make the world a better place.

He is a very lucky man to have you guys for support.

Your faith has never been more sorely tested than it has been recently as, the full enormity of the Catholic Church’s guilt and complicity has been exposed at the Royal Commission into Child Abuse.

Justine answered this so beautifully when I asked her about it.

“I love my faith but I am ashamed of my church”

Kath and Julie

You had both moved on to greener pastures by the time I met Billy, but he would often talk about one or the other of you.

I am so sad that, I only got to know you as Kath was dying from her second and final bout of lung cancer, so cruel for a lady that had never smoked.

Kath’s death hit Billy hard and now, in the cruellest twist of fate, Julie you are now racked by cancer yourself.

You have both been a wonderful exemplar to us, in some ways especially to me; as I am not a person of faith.

To have retained your faith in the face of these monstrous events is to demonstrate the bravery of you both, and I admire that enormously.

I thank you for the love you both have shown for Billy, even in the times when you have been suffering terribly yourselves.

Maryanne, Kath and Jeannine

I don’t know any of you that well, Jeannine and Maryanne don’t live in Sydney and Kath lives on the rural outskirts of Sydney with her own family.

That is my loss, but I do thank you all for the laughter, humanity and fun you have forced on Billy over these last few years.

We can be down and angry and he will get a text about your latest exploits; that will force him to laugh and share it with me.

The times I have met you have been enough to show me what wonderful, warm people you truly are.

Thanks for making him happy.

All of you come from a religion that could have hardened your souls against Billy and I, all of you have shown me, the vast difference between faith and religion.

Billy and I love your faith and treasure your friendship.




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