A special Man

Thanks Billy

This is the last letter to you before I close the chapters of my life, you have been an integral part of that life for the past 13 years though good times and bad .

We have used “The Plateau” to share several trips overseas since 2013, we have cried together and we have laughed together.

There have also been times when we have erupted into open warfare; your frustration and anger has boiled over and frankly you have been bloody difficult, I have no doubt you would level the same charge against me.

All that is nothing when compared to the times we have shared; the coffee and early dinners with friends, The movies, the simple times when we have stolen out to share time together, the wonderful times like the two most recent Springsteen concerts and the close times, when we have rested together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We are both uneasy and frustrated by the future, the lack of money has hopefully, been mitigated to some extent by the likely consultancy which should see us through another 12 months, but I know you share my concerns as to whether I am up to this.

I am weak and tired, everything takes longer and seems to draw the last remaining vestiges of energy. I am hoping I can hide this to get us through this job and I am pleased you will be by my side, without you; I doubt I would have attempted to take it on.

You have looked on, with poorly disguised disdain as I have spent the last 12 months trying to put this Journal together, but how else was to spend my time, there is not much call for a Real Estate Agent who fades into oblivion by lunchtime?

I can only hope, that when you ever read this, you will truly understand how important you have been.

You didn’t come to Melbourne for Christmas in 2016, you made the excuse of work but I think you really wanted me to have this special time with Jassie and Kayla, Horrie and Esty.

I think we both know the Plateau is coming to a close, it is unspoken but the reality is inescapable.

You never tell me your honest reasons for the things you do, but after all this time, I can read you like a cheap novel, sorry darling!

Everyone was delighted to see you at Terry’s after Christmas and I really appreciated the effort you made, especially as I know, how much you hate Freeway driving.

For one night in Mid-February we could forget everything as we listened and watched The Boss in session, you held my hand and we could believe we would be back again in two years’ time.

The next day was a write off but it was worth it.

My birthday in late February was an extended series of coffees and dinners with old friends, they have all learned the shutters come down, a bit after eight and if they are in danger of forgetting, you are watching me like a hawk.

My special treat was the dinner with just you and I at Quay, it was wonderful darling. On the way home, I held your hand and thanked you, I think there were tears in my eyes.

“Well, I thought I should do something special this year, you may not be able to enjoy it next year”

As John said, when I told him about this “romance will never be dead, while that man is still alive”

Love you so much, thank you for the Journey!



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