Thoughts of Leaving

It has been a day of fun, reflection and some tears. I had breakfast with my old mate Mark H where as usual, at these semi regular get togethers we solve all the problems in the world. If only it was that simple.

Billy joined us after he had been to Hot Yoga and he proceeded to demolish all our carefully crafted arguments with a solid dose of Chinese pragmatism.

I came home and caught up with Insiders on IView, there seems to be no escaping the shadow of Donald Trump, the news that he is doing a $150 Billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia did nothing to allay my unease with this man.

The leaders of Saudi Arabia appear to have the world on a string as they pay public homage to the ideals of peace and yet, have been shown to covertly foster terrorism. Any country where women are not allowed to drive, where gays are publicly stoned and adultery by a woman is treated as a capital offence, surely, is not a country the West should be calling an ally.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend as a reason for aiding and abetting a brutal regime, is only as good as the current threat lasts and until a new enemy who may or may not be a mutual enemy, emerges.

It will not be the first-time American military might is used against a new friend of the West, and in the muddy, fluid alliances of the Middle East, this is likely to be sooner rather than later.

A world, where the struggle for peace is reliant on propping up despotic regimes, is a world which will be constantly be at war with itself.

The apparent flight by several Saudi Families from the USA in the wake of 9/11 still haunts me and the questions raised by these departures have never been properly answered.

The reliance on Saudi money makes for very strange bedfellows, the thought of Donald Trump dealing with these people raises even more troubling questions given the Trump business presence in this region.

Billy is out for the day with friends and I am having a very quiet day at home, I chanced on old episodes of “I am the Ambassador” on Netflix. I have never seen this show before and in many ways, it encapsulates the recent time when America really started to look itself in the eye and there was at least some commitment to human rights and personal freedom.

Surely, I am not the only person who yearns for the quiet decency of Obama, he may not have been perfect and there are things he could have and should have done better, but at least you felt the world was in steady hands.

The bitter partisanship of American Politics, the legacy of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and, the fallout from the GFC haunted Obama’s terms in office. One can only guess at how much more he may have achieved had he not had to contend with the toxic legacy George W. Bush left behind.

I know, I for one did not go to bed every night wondering what new shit storm I was going to wake up to in the morning, as I do every night now.

My tears today came in the silence of self, as I sat on the balcony in glorious autumn sunshine watching the sail boats on the Harbor and wondering for how much longer I would be able to enjoy this simplest and greatest of pleasures.

Maybe, it is not such a great idea for me to have a day to myself.



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