An Atrocity Impossible to Comprehend

Whilst at the time of writing, there is still no attribution to any organization responsible for the horror of Manchester, it now appears certain it was a bomb, placed in the foyer of the Manchester Arena designed to kill people, specifically young fans of Ariana Grande as they left the concert.

The gross heartlessness and callousness of this action is simply impossible to imagine, these were kids probably, at least some of them, attending their first ever concert.

Stories of nuts and bolts strewn across the ground after the explosion, seem to undermine the absolute evil intent of the bombers.

Somebody had to pack this bomb, most likely in the full knowledge as to who was the intended target.

What sort of an animal sets out deliberately to kill Kids?

The horror of parents of young children, having allowed their kids out for a big night and then, having to face this dreadful aftermath, is almost inconceivable to comprehend.

I have a young, almost ten-year-old granddaughter who spends hours trying out outfits, before deciding what to wear when she is heading out to a friend’s birthday party.

We can imagine the joy and excitement these kids must have invested in their preparation for this night with their pop idol.

Surely our children still have the right to their innocent enjoyment?

We can only begin to touch the surface of the grief; some parents must now be feeling and indeed some of the surviving kids if their parents were killed or hurt in this inexplicable act of horror.

I don’t think I would be the only person who feels this attack has crossed the Rubicon of horror, but before we start to lay the blame on the entire Muslim population, we must consider that at least some of the victims were actually young Muslims themselves.

If ever there has been a time when the moderates of all faiths and beliefs must come together, to try even harder to delve into the depths of depravity displayed in this atrocity, that time has certainly arrived.

Adults can take their own risks in this volatile world but it would be an absolute horror if as a result of Manchester, parents now try to protect their children by not allowing them to have their special nights.

My heart goes out to all the people who have been hurt or killed by this latest act of evil


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